Our Services

From car reveals and photoshoots to fashion shoots and music videos! Here at The Studio we can cater for pretty much anything!

What we offer

Car Shoots

Our specialist lighting makes The Studio the perfect location to shoot your cars and other vehicles for the most amazing content.

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Fashion Shoots

The multi use studio isn’t only limited to cars and other vehicles, we can arrange to have fashion shoots of all kinds.

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Product Shoots

We specialise in product shoots to make your product stand out above the rest. We can even arrange to have props such as high end vehicles or other items that you may want included to make your product stand out.

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Car Reveals

We partner with our amazing friends over at Airshroud and CX Autogroup to give you the best customer experience possible.

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Valeting & Detailing

Our in-house detailer will ensure your vehicle is looking perfect for the shoot, ensuring it looks like it just game straight out of the factory.

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