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We work with some awesome brand’s from various industry sectors. If you are interested in working with us we’d love to hear from you.

Auto Finesse

Auto Finesse is a car detailing product brand, based in Hertfordshire, England. I founded it back in 1999; since then it's just grown and we now currently sell more than 150 specialist products dedicated to the care, maintenance and protection of car paint, wheels and plastics, as well as other trim such as brightwork.

Garage Style

At Garage Style Ltd we pride ourselves in being the UK's premier garage flooring company and have a long list of satisfied clients including worldwide brands, well known celebrities, race teams and domestic clients.
As a family run business we pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service alongside the best quality products. This is one of the reasons we were the chosen garage flooring company featured on the recent channel 5 garage documentary.
Our premium interlocking tiles have been manufactured in the UK for the last 30 years under the strictest quality control procedures to ensure we keep up our reputation for the best quality interlocking floor tiles available worldwide.
Unlike many competitors Garage Style use only the finest quality clean raw material to make sure our tiles are chemically resistant and to give you that extra peace of mind we also offer a complimentary 10-year warranty with any of our garage flooring products.

Turbo Transport

With many years driving experience and security licenced, we know the safety and security of your vehicle is paramount. We offer fully insured goods in transit covered transportation throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe, for all types of vehicles.
Based in West London with excellent links to motorways and close proximity to London Heathrow Airport and other ports. Your vehicle will be safely delivered to its destination. Our transportation is monitored with CCTV and Satellite Tracking GPS systems, giving you peace of mind knowing where your vehicle is 24 hours a day.

Integrity Bottles

Creatively inspired and designed in the UK, Integrity bottles seek to push the boundaries of modern bottles while reducing plastic waste and ensuring you look great. Hot for 12, cold for 24 and cool for ever...

CX Auto Group

CX Auto Group provide full service solutions incorporating AirShroud Car reveal solution, IPADs and bespoke controller software and solutions, including DMX and digital signage solutions. Including training, maintenance, services and any other complementary technologies & services that dealership require as part of their Customer Experience and Handover bay solutions. The CX Auto Group team includes the market leaders in technology and IT within the car industry with key members from the development and launch of the AirShroud reveal system to the Car industry over the last 2 years.

With over 350 dealerships in the UK alone using the reveal system there needed to be further development of technology and other related technical advances to further enhance the customer hand over and launch reveal of vehicles in the automotive industry.

Crucially Digital

Crucially Digital LTD (CDL) are experts in the field of Digital signage solutions, from simple Point of sale display and digital screens to fully bespoke interactive solutions, we provide a complete end to end service from concept to delivery.

Zachs Garage

Here at Zach's Garage, we source every kind of vehicle and venue for multimedia, event, wedding car hire and much more

Petrolheadonism Club

BRINGING PETROLHEADS TOGETHER since 2007. Petrolheadonism focus of Automotive Nights; large scale Events; and family spectacles which bring some of the world’s most exclusive and desirable cars to epic events across the country to celebrate all things automotive!

Air Shroud

Based in the U.K., our experienced team come from a range of backgrounds across the automotive industry. Between us, we have many years of experience and knowledge - making us a force to be reckoned with. With new AirShroud products in development, we are changing the face of the luxury car accessories industry.

Wax Is Dead

Born in the UK as a specialty coating, research and development company specializing in the Ceramic Coating Industry for industrial installations.
We have since then been creating and developing ceramic coatings for over a decade producing specific formulas for the automotive, Aerospace, home and marine industry
We have invested in & developed the next generation in nano ceramic technology and this is where wax is dead the pinnacle of ceramic coatings has been born.

Electra Zoom

At Electra-Zoom we recognise that more people than ever want safe, affordable and convenient options that allow us to move around efficiently using a new generation of independent mobility. Following extensive research, we are delighted to offer a range of the latest electric scooters with a host of great benefits!

Cannon Run

The Cannon Run brings a great variety of clients, unique VIP entertainment, travel and VIP luxury. All types of vehicles and personalities are catered for, we encourage anyone who loves driving to participate. No matter what you drive you will be part of a unique driving experience. You will meet lots of like minded people and make many new friends, because of this we leave no one or car behind as we ensure everyone is looked after during the trip.

Our UK & European road trips pass through and allow you to stay in some of the most iconic and populated cities. Whilst on the trip we will take you on some of the best driving roads in the world which includes famous passes and national parks. We will also include stop offs with amazing motoring heritage, stay at top hotels, provide sophisticated evening entertainment and attend fashionable trending hot spot nightlife venues!

Sock Geeks

We don't create flying robots or machines that can 3D print your dinner.
We're just a a small sock company. Proud vendors of possibly the most humble item of clothing there is.

But we're on a mission to make socks possibly the most exciting things you own. Of course it all starts with great quality socks that look fantastic. But it doesn't stop there.

Matt Walker Design

Multidisciplined graphic designer and creative, with experience working as both a freelance and in-house graphic designer. A vast skillset and abundance of knowledge producing a range of design work and working with a variety of brands, businesses and individuals.
A strength of working as an individual, collaborating with others and working as part of a team, with strong communication skills and the ability to work efficiently. Experience in outsourcing, eg. businesses for their printing services or other creatives to collaborate with on certain projects

Twin Thing Motorcycles

TwinThing design and build custom motorcycles both for the UK and International market.

It is run by twin brothers Tim and Luke who operate out of their workshop based in Horndean, Hampshire, UK. TwinThing carry out repair work, paintwork, metal fabrication, welding, design and upholstery and of course kickass custom bikes!


Our partners from from various industries from CARS to FASHION and PRODUCTS to MUSIC - we'd love to hear from you.


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